Mylène Farmer Point de Suture

In December 2007, initial rumours of a brand new Mylene Album are flying around among the fans.
French Celebrity Magazine “Paris Match” reveals that a brand new album will be launched in the first half of 2008.
The Magazine “Closer” go one further by stating that Thierry Suc (Mylene’s Manager) is starting to book Concert Venue’s for 2009 (Read here).

Rumours are also rife among fans and Media that “Onirique” will be the title of the new album and that track titles, track listing and snippets of the new songs will be released prior to publication, of course this is all untrue!

January 28th 2008, french newspaper “Le Figaro” announces that Mylene’s record label have confirmed that a new Album will be out in 2008 (Read here).

Confirmation that the album has been completed and for the first time, was fully recorded in Brussels and will be finished by the end of January.

Mylène Farmer Photo: Claude Gassian
Photo: Claude Gassian
February 28th amazing news is revealed and it is official, “Mylene will play Stade de France on 12th September 2009.

March 20th Mylene Farmer is interviewed by “Paris Match” where they state the new songs will be more “electro” than previous with some “up beat” tracks (interview click here).
Some un-published photos of Mylene shot by Claude Gassian in early 2008 were used for this article. Claude Gassian also did the photo’s that will be used promoting the Concert as well as Media releases.

Also in March, Simon Hawk (aka John Nollet the official hairdresser of Mylene) did a photo shoot, forty of which were approved by Mylene however, in error these photos were published on the Eyevine Website and subsequently cancelled. All photos that managed to reach external sites and Blogs were all recalled by H&K (Simon Hawk photo agency) within a matter of hours. The Simon Hawk photos were used on single covers for Degeneration, Appelle mon numero, Si j’avais au moins… and Point de Suture booklet (only photo of Mylene in the booklet)

March 28th 2008, tickets for the September 12th Concert go on sale and are sold out within two hours! A second Concert date is added, September 11th at Stade du France and tickets are sold out in just over one hour, something never seen before.

Additional Venue dates are announced for Geneva (4th & 5th Sept) and Brussels (19th Sept). The Fan frenzy continues and the 4th September at Geneva Stadium is fast selling concert in its history.

May 23rd 2008, tickets go on sale for the French Mylene Farmer 2009 tour. A record one hundred thousand tickets are sold in one day! Because of the huge demand she has to start booking additional venues throughout France.

For more information on the Mylène Farmer Tour 2009, click here.

Mylène Farmer en tournée

Mylène Farmer Dégénération
Photo: Simon Hawk
Interviewed by “Ouest France”, Thierry Suc will give the first album track to be released as a Single. By the 19th June all Radio stations will have the “Degeneration” demo to be aired. For more information click here
During the month of May, Thierry suc did multiple interviews where he stated that “The new Mylene album will be a mix of all Mylene’s work to date”

June 7th reveal the photo to be used on the CD promo sleeve of  Degeneration and include to snippets of music however, it is quickly removed.

June 14th, Ecompil (Universal Music download site) add the Single “Degeneration” and make it available for download. Was this in error or not? Nobody knows! It was quickly removed.

June 19th at Midnight for the first time, Degeneration is played on , a few hours later Degeneration is available for download on all legal Music download Stores.
 The Single is also being aired on all French Radio Stations as well as being top of the playlist at NRJ. (Sponsor of Mylenes tour)

After three days of release the download numbers for “Degeneration” were already 4421, a record in digital downloading!

June 30th announce the new album title: Point de Suture.
 They also announce the list of each track on the album and even give the length or each song. also propose to include three additional photos of the doll in the digital booklet. Various online Music Stores propose to pre-order the album and offer the making of the Video clip as bonus called “The Power of Love”.

Mylène Farmer Virginmega

July 10th Music website SFR reveals the Integral Video clip produced by Bruno Aveillan.
A teaser snippet had been released by this website on June 25th with a further two snippets on June 30th in order to keep fans excited..

Mylène Farmer Dégénération Clip

August 12th a Russian website made Point de Suture available to download apparently legal. Was this a mistake or not? 

August 18th Degeneration is available in all Music Stores in three formats, CD sleeve, Maxi CD and LP.

Single sales of Degeneration reached 27,000 in France one week, the fifth number one in Mylene’s career and the best selling single for 2008.

Mylène Farmer Dégénération

Mylène Farmer dans Têtu
Photo: Robin

August 20th Point de Suture is available to download on all online Music Stores.
Six thousand digital albums sold in four days, never before seen for any French speaking Artist.
Mobile phone provider SFR in partnership with Sony Ericson offered all Customers the album download for free with the W980 & W910 phones.

Mylene Farmer does an exclusive interview with Gay Magazine “Tetu” with unique photos.  She is also featured on the cover of the edition.

August 25th Point de Suture is available in all Music Stores in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.
Formats available are CD Box, CD Sleeve, collector edition and double LP and include a hidden track “Ave Maria” which was not available on the download version.

 Sales are doing very well, in France the album raced in at number 1 with 108,596 sold in one week.
The album is number one among French speakers in Belgium, goes Gold two weeks and platinum in December for 25,000 records sold.
In Switzerland, the album reaches number 2 in the charts, 10,000 sold and goes Gold.

A massive Marketing campaign went out on National TV TF1 as well as all train stations throughout France. 

Mylène Farmer Point de Suture

Mylène Farmer JT de 20 heures TF1 31 août 2008 August 31st Mylene is interviewed on the 8PM National News by Claire Chazal.

For information, video and photos click here 

September 9th Point du Suture is available in Canada.

September 12th, Mylene’s Birthday all Radio Stations receive the MP3 Promo of the brand new Single Appelle mon numero.
 Mylene is featured on the cover of French Magazine “Direct Soir”.

Benoit Di Sabatino producer the video C’est une belle journee in 2002 and “L’Amour n’est rien... in 2006 now produced the video for Appelle mon numero”.

 October 17th three snapshots of the new video are launched online.
October 22nd the Video is launched on National TV.  

Mylène Farmer Appelle mon numéro Clip réalisé par Benoît Di Sabatino

November 3rd  Appelle mon numero is available in all Music Stores in three formats, CD Sleeve, CD Maxi, LP.

Appelle mon numero is number 1 in France and out performed Degeneration or any other Single from the previous album Avant que l'ombre.... 
Mylène Farmer Appelle mon numéro

Mylène Farmer Calendrier 2009 "Point de Suture" par Robin
November 25th the official merchandise is available on to be sold from the December 8th.

 The usual items such as tops, caps (one cap is a limited edition) and pins.

Also, not seen since 1996, an official calendar containing thirteen unseen or rare photos by “Robin”.

 December 12th Mobile provider SFR in Partnership with Sony Ericson launch a massive marketing campaign to sell the unique W980 mobile phone with special Mylene Farmer content.
These limited edition phones are only available online or at the SFR shop in Paris.

Mylène Farmer Espace SFR le 12 décembre 2008

Mylène Farmer Ca ne finira jamais le 13 décembre 2008 sur France 2

December 13th Mylene appears on a Primetime TV Show called “Ca ne Finira Jamais” and sings Appelle mon numero.
This show is produced by “Francois Hanss”.
 This was her first appearance on Primetime TV (with a song ant nto only interview) since November 2005.

For Video and Pictures click here: 

December 15th Si j’avais au moins… is aired on radio throughout France and surprises fans as this is an unusual song to release as a Single.

December 27th Mylene appears on the cover of “Madame Figaro” and inside an article written by her friend Nathalie Rheims and unique photos from Simon Hawk. Click here for article
Mylène Farmer Madame Figaro

January 7th 2009 Si J’avais au moins… video is released on line.
Directed by Bruno Aveillan is the follow up to Degeneration

A short movie comprising both videos and called the The Farmer Project is available online January 9th 2009. 
Mylène Farmer Si j'avais au moins... Clip Capture

Mylène Farmer NRJ Music Awards 2009
January 17th Mylene is in Cannes for the "NRJ Music Awards 2009".

 She sings Si j’avais au moins… and wins the Best French Album of the Year Award, this being the eighth Award received.

Story, Picture, Video Click here

February 16th Si j’avais au moins…. is available in two formats CD single and limited edition of the LP.

Si j’avais au moins…. is her seventh number 1. 
Mylène Farmer Si j'avais au moins...

Mylène Farmer C'est dans l'air Clip réalisé par Alain Escalle
March 27th C’est dans l’air is played on all radio stations; nobody knew before this would be the fourth single to be released from the album.

 This song was very much welcomed by the fans and had been long awaited.

April 15th the music video for C’est dans l’air produced by Alain Escalle is launched online and the TV network.

April 17th is the official album website

April 27th C’est dans l’air single is available in all music stores.

 Remixes are only available to download at online Music Stores.

 4th May C’est dans l’air remixes are available in all Music Stores in three formats, 2 limited edition Maxi CD and a limited edition of the LP.

C’est dans l’air  is the eighth number 1 for Mylene in the French Singles Charts, a record for all music artists in France!
Mylène Farmer C'est dans l'air

From 2nd May to 1st July Mylene is on the Mylene Farmer 2009 Tour, twenty nine French Venues and two Russian Venues are to be covered as part of the tour.
Media ratings are through the roof and Fans are in awe at the concert.
For more info on the Mylene Farmer tour 2009 Click here:

Mylène Farmer JT de France 2 le 14 juin 2009
Mylene gives two interviews:

7th May Ouest France (Click here)

14th June interviewed by Laurent Delahousse on the France 2 Evening News (Video Click here)