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Tomer G




After remixing “Dégénération” and “Sextonik” two years ago, you have just done a remix for Mylène Farmer’s new single “Oui mais non”; is it the beginning of a ‘love-story’?

Well, I think the love story had begun a long time ago

I believe we had an immediate click on "Degeneration" remix which kept on clicking with "Sextonik". Then, when "Sextonik" was blowing the crowd in Mylene's live performances right before the show had started, and when I got so much love from all her fans and such amazing feedbacks, it was only natural that there would be a continuance to this romantic story, especially when you deal with such nice people – Mylene herself and the people surround her - I feel honored to keep being by her side

Regarding “Oui mais non”, who approached who:  did you propose your collaboration to Mylène’s staff or did they contact you in the first place?

Well – it was a funny story, because I was sending my blessings to Mylene to congratulate her on the new single which I really liked and thought about remixing – and then, at the same time, my manager got the request for me to remix it… so you could say we think a like

Is it more difficult to remix a track produced by RedOne than a track produced by Laurent Boutonnat ? And if so, in which way ?

Well, I don't think it's more difficult. Usually, when I remix for Mylene, I get her vocals only and take it to a whole new direction. The only thing is that is maybe a bit different is that the original mix had a very good danceable production to it, and in order to make a club remix – I needed to take it to a different club style – which was a nice challenge, but as soon as I got Mylene's vocals files – the inspiration came, and the remix rolled…

Were you surprised that Mylène decided to collaborate with an international and renowned producer for her new single?

Well, not really. Mylene is an outstanding artist and has no boundaries. She always knew how to surprise, how re-invent herself and how to do it in her own special way. The fact that she's choosing to go for new adventures such as this one, is what makes her so special and unique and I admire her for it.

The public and the media keep comparing Mylène with Lady Gaga, what do you think about that?

Mmm… well – in the music industry there have always been comparisons – like Madonna and Lady Gaga. I believe these comparisons are a result of the fact that both artists are extremely talented and one of a kind in an era. Both Lady Gaga and Mylene Farmer are a very unique artists, that are mind blowing in the way they think, their vocal performance, their stage presence, their attitude toward fashion and style and their ability to play the rolls of a multi-talent artist – to write, compose, produce, sing, perform and more. So although each one of them is different in his own way, it is only natural that people would compare them both.

How many remixes did you produce for this single?

I produced 2 remixes – one club mix and one radio edit.

When did you first hear the new single? And how much time did Mylène’s staff give you to do the remixes?

I heard the new single on the net. In fact, my good friend Chaim Richental from Universal music Israel, sent it to me when it was firstly exposed. I immediately fell in love with it.
As for the deadline, Mylene's staff didn't give me any. I asked for 2-3 weeks for producing it and they approved it. I was in the middle of a tour when we got the request, so they had been more than kind to me with the deadline issue, as much as I needed for it to be completed for my (and Mylene's) satisfaction.

Did you have to do some rework and retouches on the remixes or did Mylène’s staff like them the way they were?

Well, to tell you the truth - no rework and no retouches were needed I presented them with the rough mix and they loved it. I finished the mix and sent the master. I was very happy.

Did you know Mylène and her musical career before remixing her singles back in 2008?

Yes. I did know some of her repertoire, but to be honest my manager Gabby Biton was the one that made me fall in love with her. He has always been a big fan of Mylene and followed her career from her early years till today. So he's the one to deserve the credit, and I thank him for that.

Did you see her perform on stage during her last tour in 2009? Did you meet her ?

Hooo.. that's a sad story. I was supposed to take part at the Stade de France show and really expected to finally see Mylene performing live, but unfortunately, I was rehearsing and performing live on Miss Israel TV event at the same time of the shows. So I only watched it on DVD – what an amazing performance! Well, next time – I'm there for sure!

Did you know that the « Reload club Mix » of ‘sextonik’ has been played during the tour right just before Mylène’s entrance on stage, and that the response to this mix was awesome ?

YESSSS ! It is an exciting story – I got a real time phone call from Mylene's manager when he was at the stadium and he let me listen to the crowd while the mix was exposed for the first time before the show. I was so excited… although it was over the phone, I could hear the crowd screaming. He told me it was so amazing, that he felt the need to call me immediately. Then many fans sent me links to my facebook and MySpace of videos they took at the show asking me about the mix. The final pick was when I watched the intro of the "Stade De France" DVD - "Avant La Lumière" with Sextonik Remix – well, I was blown away… really – it was such a thrill.

It looks like Mylène herself had a crush on this remix since she thanked you in the credits on the DVD booklet… is it a kind of recognition for you?

Well, it sure is. I am honored to be working with such an amazing artist, and getting feedbacks directly from her – it really is exciting. Thank you Mylene

Are there other remixes you did that were rejected in the end?

If you ask about remixes for Mylene – then NEVER. All remixes I've done for her where officially released. When I don't see a connection with an artist I remix for – I rather pass on remixing for him. There must be a click between 2 artists for them to collaborate.

Do you usually listen to remixes done by other DJ’s before working on yours ?

Mmm.. not really. Since generally, I start working on my remix before other remixes are available. I only listen to the original edit. But, as soon as I complete my remixes and hand out the master, I try to listen to all other remixes as well, just to explore the creativity of others. I enjoy it. I think it's very interesting to "be exposed to the minds" of other producers – it gives you a great inspiration.

What is the response you get from clubbers when you play your own remixes of Mylène?

I play my remixes of Mylene everywhere I go. I always include them in my sets, not just in France but in many other countries as well. These are considered as picks in my sets. My fans know them very well and react to them… the Mylene remixes really fits the music style I keep on my sets – and the result of combining of this style of production and Mylene's phenomenal voice is a club killer.

Did you listen to some other tracks from the new album “Bleu Noir”? Do any of these tracks make you want to work on new remixes?

Well, I just got the album !!! and I'm about to listen to it. I'm sure that there would be many tracks I would love to remix… after all – this is, as you defined it, a true love story

I have just one last thing to say before we sum it up –

I just want to send all my blessing to the Mylene's fans – thank you all for your continuance kind support, feedbacks and love, I really appreciate it.

You are more than welcome to get in touch on my Facebook –, Twitter and MySpace.

I read all your messages and give them all my close attention.

So…thank you

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Nouvelle réaction de Derek
Le Parisien ce matin
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